Visiting the Centre / Waiting List / Enrolment

Prospective clients are asked to contact the Centre Manager to arrange an appointment to view the centre facilities and to discuss their childcare needs.

Appointments are essential as Centre visits are conducted by the Centre Manager, and not by the primary contact who are responsible for caring for the children. All centre enquiries, by phone, will be forwarded to the Centre Manager for this reason.

The Centre Manager will endeavour to answer all of your questions during your appointment, we ask that parents note down any questions that they may have so that they can be addressed during your initial visit.

An Administration Fee of $50.00 must be paid in order to receive an Enrolment Pack and/or to place your child on the waiting list, your enrolment pack will give a detailed explanation on the steps to take to enrol your child at our centre, this will include payment of your security bond.

Orientation Policy & Settling Procedures

When enrolment is confirmed centre staff will establish the orientation needs of your family, as well as the individual needs of your child. Orientation will be tailored to meet the needs of your child and family.

Parents are welcome to arrange Orientation days for their child with the Centre Manager. Parents are then welcome to attend the service for 1-2 hours with their child participating in activities and familiarising the child with staff and peers. Centre Management is aware that such days are sometimes hard to organise for working parents, thus they are not seen as essential.

On the child’s first day the primary care givers of the child and centre staff will discuss the child’s individual needs. Parents will be asked to complete a routine sheet for their child if they are a nursery child.

Staff will endeavour to follow the child’s home routine as given by the parent. Staff will ensure that the child’s usual pattern of eating and sleeping are observed and followed where appropriate, please bear in mind that your child’s routine may alter when starting childcare.

This may be due to

  • Initial unfamiliarity with the environment / staff,
  • the effect of additional stimulation which causes tiredness and /or
  • the effect of other children’s routines on your child’s routine.

On your child’s first day staff will be prepared for your imminent arrival and will openly welcome your child and family. They will greet you on arrival, showing you your child’s personal locker, our signing in procedures, key aspects of our play room and introducing you and your child to other children at the service.

Centre staff will make suggestions based on initial contact, consultation and experience as to the best strategies for settling your child into our centre.

Parents are encouraged to organise early collection of their child for their first week of attendance. This facilitates a gradual introduction to child care for the child.

Parents are often worried about their child's first day and the children can sense this. Parents are encouraged to be positive about childcare and their child’s involvement in the service. 

Staff will aim to settle you and your child as quickly as possible, however we do recommend that parents explain to their child that they will be leaving them at the centre, and that they will return later to pick them up.

Parents are always advised to SAY GOODBYE to your child. When ready to leave, parents are encouraged to say good bye and then leave promptly.  Allowing our trained staff to comfort your child and begin the settling/ attachment process.

Children from Non-English speaking background (NESB) families will be settled using care giving practices that are consistent with the home environment. The use of familiar and consistent care giving practices will enhance the child’s feelings of security and trust in an environment where language and lack of understanding may be evoking feelings of fear and confusion.

NESB families are encouraged to send food, familiar items and/or music that will facilitate a trusting relationship with their child.

The centre will access multi-lingual support services for Non-English speaking children to aid their transition into our centre environment.

Children’s Daily Requirements

1 small bag with your child’s name clearly labelled on the top or side containing.

  • Change of clothes (for the season) with your child’s name on them.
  • Formula (if applicable) measured out for each individual bottle
  • One piece of fresh fruit or vegetable for our fruit basket.
  • A yoghurt of your child's preference.


Open Door Policy

We have an open door policy at our centre and we encourage parents to consult their child’s primary carer if they have any questions or concerns about their children. We want both children and parents to enjoy the time spent with us at Kindy College. Your child’s happiness, safety and well being are our first priority.

Parent Participation

Parents are welcome in the Centre at any time and whilst we appreciate most parents have a busy schedule we actively encourage your input in relation to your child as well as the running and operation of the Centre. Please remember, "This centre is here for you and your family". Combined parent and staff meetings are held regularly.  Dates for these meetings are detailed in our event calendar. Agenda’s will be displayed a week before the scheduled meeting. Parents are encouraged to add to the agenda. Meetings give parents the opportunity to discuss centre matters with management and staff , to assist in decision making and to clarify any questions they may have.

Parents are encouraged to make regular contributions to their child’s observation file. This may involve the identification of area of concern, interest area or special event that is occurring in your child’s life. As we view the family as an important influential factor on each child’s development we see these contributions as a vital part in providing a holisitic program of activities for your child. Any general suggestions or concerns can be directed to the office or written (name optional) and placed in the fee tin.


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